About us

We are a Czech company, which is specialized in designing, manufacturing of high quality and purpose-built technologies, especially in the Automotivezone, according to customer’s demands.


  • development, design and construction of mechanical parts of technologicalunits
  • the development of programs of technological devices, including hardware supply
  • the manufacture of steel constructions
  • the supply of crane systems
  • putting technological units in to operation
  • the production and optimization of production lines
  • operations in the field of air distribution systems, electro
  • assembly/disassembly operations for the customer
  • logistic services (space optimization packaging materials)
  • the production UNI carts (covers) for handling the laundry
  • the creation of e-plan, p-plan
  • professional training of service and maintenance personnel
  • delivery and assembly of structural profiles OBO
  • delivery and assembly of racking systems
  • activities in the construction sector: industrial floors, demolition, disposal / treatmentofwaste, rubble etc.